Signum token generator designed for ideas.

With its built-in functions, creating, transferring, buying, and selling a token is just a click away.

What are tokens?

Apart from its native coin Signa, users can create their own coin (token) inside the chain also known as colored coins or assets. These tokens have the same level of security and features as Signa.

They can be used to invest, store value, make purchases, represent affiliate program points or company shares, and can implement governance mechanisms. When created through an initial coin offering, tokens are often used to raise funds through crowd sales.

With a few clicks, anyone can create a token by defining its ticker symbol, the total supply, and the maximum number of digits. Signum tokens are immediately ready for use after they are created. Besides sending and receiving tokens (via Signum’s decentralized token exchange), tokens can also be exchanged for Signa.

How Signum 

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Signum token highlights

Easy creation

Creating tokens is as easy as sending an email. Set your token economics and execute the token creation command in your wallet. Minutes later, your token will appear in your account.

Fungible by nature

Transferring, buying, and selling is immediately possible after token creation

Low fees

Creating a token will cost 150 Signa. There are no additional costs after creation.

Accessible Worldwide

Signum tokens are accessible anywhere in the world thanks to the underlying blockchain technology.

Pay dividends - in a smart way

Signum provides a transaction "Distribute to Token Holders" in which you can distribute Signa and/or another token to up to 1,200,000 holders per block.

Integrated token market

Signum also provides an on-chain token market where every created token can be traded for Signa. The market can be accessed via Signumswap the first Defi-Portal for Signum.

Empowering People

Signum empowers users and developers worldwide with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life. Signum makes sending trustless, peer-to-peer transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely possible.