Payment Solutions

The digital currency designed for your security and control.

Send your Signa around the world. All you need is a wallet to start.

Payment solutions made easy

Fast worldwide payments with low fees
  • Whether you are sending Signa across the globe or across the street, the low fees and quick transfer times are the same.
  • No banks or brokers to charge you extra and delay your transactions.
Always accessible, wherever you are
  • Sending Signa is as simple as sending an SMS.
  • You just need the recipient's Signum address or alias to transact with them at any time.
  • The Signum network never sleeps and runs at all times. Even on weekends and holidays.
Making a difference
  • Signum allows users to attach a message to each payment.
  • These can be encrypted (only readable by the receiver) or public.
  • The message can be up to 1,000 characters and does not incur any additional costs.
  • Messages are perfect for linking Signa transactions with any transaction related processes you may have.

Payment solutions made easy

Single Payment

Ordinary Signa payments are equivalent to a one-time payment from your bank account. A message of up to 1,000 characters can be attached to the payment, which can be public or only readable by the payment recipient.

Multi-Payment - same amount

Multi-out same amount Signa payments represent a simple and cost-effective way to perform mass transfers. With their payment method, up to 128 recipients can be sent the same amount in one transaction.

Multi-Payment - different amount

Multi-out different amount Signa payments provide another cost-effective method to send up to 64 recipients a different amount in one transaction.

Subscription Plan

The Signa Subscription is another way to make recurring payments on the Signum blockchain. Similar to standing orders on your bank account, you set the amount and the interval from at least 60 minutes to several days or months. A message can also be attached and sent to the recipient at the start of the subscription.

Subscription Plan

They are executed at your chosen interval times regardless of the current network load.

This feature activates an unlimited number of transactions per block. Similar to a lightning network, except that all transactions are done on-chain rather than off-chain.

How many transactions can be sent per block?

Every 4 minutes, a new block is created with the following attributes:

  • Block maximum Size: 179,520 Bytes
  • Block maximum Transactions: 19,200 (multi-out)
  • Block maximum Transactions per second: 80 tx
  • Block maximum number of Subscription Plans: infinite
  • Minimum fee to create a transaction: 0.00735 Signa

Empowering People

Signum empowers users and developers around the world with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life. Signum makes it possible to send trustless, peer-to-peer transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely.