Smart Contracts

Signum Smart Contracts make your life easier

Autonomous smart contracts are a reality on the Signum blockchain. Code is law - always followed and unstoppable.

What are Signum Smart Contracts?

Signum is shipped with smart contracts implemented as Automated Transactions (AT).

This system, originally developed by CIYAM, is Turing-complete and has an infinite number of use cases. Signum was the first platform to run Turing-complete smart contracts on a public blockchain.

The second unique feature of Signum's smart contracts is that they can be programmed to self-execute. Most of today’s available smart contracts only react to the transactions they receive. Signum’s self-running smart contracts provide endless potential for new applications such as for example decentralized trustless lotteries that need to run at a specific time.

How Signum 

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Signum will make your smart contract experience easy and user-friendly. With Signum SmartJ you get a powerful tool to develop smart contracts in easy-to-write Java - no need for developers to learn an extra blockchain language.

What are the smart contract specifications on-chain?




Max steps per block



Cost per page



Maximum pages



This is the fee charged for every simple operation a smart contract runs, like simple additions or subtractions.
Max steps per block?
The maximum number of steps (operations,  API calls, etc) to be included in a block for a single contract. When this number is reached, the current state is stored and the execution of the smart contract continues in the next block.
Cost per page?
The fee per page to register (or create) a new smart contract in Signum.  Each page can contain up to 256 bytes.
Maximum pages?
Maximum compiled code (machine code) of a contract that can be registered on the chain.

Signum Smart Contracts Cost Examples

Low complexity


2 pages
20 steps
5 API calls

Setup cost

0.02 Signa

Running costs per transaction received

0.07 Signa

Avg. costs after 100 runs

7 Signa

Medium complexity


4 pages
40 steps
10 API calls

Setup cost

0.04 Signa

Running costs per transaction received

0.14 Signa

Avg. costs after 100 runs

14 Signa

High complexity


10 pages
10,000 steps
1,000 API calls

Setup cost

0.1 Signa

Running costs per transaction received

20 Signa

Avg. costs after 100 runs

2,000 Signa

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