Proof of Commitment (PoC+)

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Bringing innovative technology to the forefront. All you need is some storage space.

What is PoC+?

Signum introduced the world to the Proof of Commitment (PoC+) decentralized consensus as the evolution of the Proof of Capacity (PoC) consensus. 

Different than the well-known Proof of Work (PoW) consensus used by Bitcoin and many other coins, which require special power-hungry equipment, PoC+ simply uses available disk space.

This innovative consensus offers a new way for miners to increase their effective storage capacity - committing a Signa balance (stake) in their account. This will help secure the network and improve their chances of earning mining rewards. PoC+ is a greener option since effective capacity can be increased without purchasing more equipment.

The mining process in the PoC+ consensus is so effective and has such low hardware requirements that any consumer-grade PC can be used to mine.  The user will not even notice that the mining process is happening, aside from the occasional blinking LEDs from the hard disk drive (HDD)!

How Signum 

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No Limits

No limits

Signa can be mined with PCs, tiny computers like a Raspberry Pi, or even mobile phones (even old ones). The only thing needed is disk space to create what are known as plot files. With its PoC+ algorithm, Signum opens up the possibility for everyone to participate in the mining process without any major obstacles.

The 3 pillars of PoC+

PoC+ combines the best of two algorithms.
PoC and PoS.
PoC+  Capacity


Essentially, capacity consists of storing hard to compute hashes in plot files and then reading a small fraction of these files (around 0.025%) every time a new block is forged. This makes the mining process super energy efficient.

PoC+  Commitment


In addition to the provided capacity, a miner can lock a given amount of Signa in his account. The chain compares his committed balance with the average used by other miners over the last 1,440 blocks.

PoC+  Factor


Committing nothing will reduce your capacity by a factor of 1/8. Committing an amount equal to the average commitment will keep your capacity factor at 1. Committing 100 times the average commitment will boost your capacity by a factor of 8.

Why commit Signa?

Factor 0.125x

Factor 0.125x

If a miner has no Signa staked on his account for commitment, only 1/8 of his actual capacity will be effective  — reducing the chances of mining blocks and therefore reducing mining income.

Factor 1x

Factor 1x

If the miner has exactly the average commitment per TiB of capacity, the multiplying factor is 1 and their income will already be much higher than those without any stake.

Factor 8x

Factor 8x

If the miner stakes 100x more than the average commitment per TiB, then his effective capacity is multiplied by a factor of 8. This means his chance to mine blocks is 8 times higher and therefore his mining income is increased.

Empowering People

Signum empowers users and developers worldwide with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life. Signum makes sending trustless, peer-to-peer transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely possible.