Mining Guide

Sustainable mining 
in 8 steps.

Mining with hard disks.

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BTDEX Mining Guide

Step 1

Make sure you have an up-to-date version of Java installed (recommended Java 11). Download the  BTDEX wallet file. Create a new folder in a desired place to store your wallet information. Move the wallet file into your folder and double-click it to install.

Note: The wallet will create a config.properties file on the first start-up. Do not delete it.

Step 2

You can import your existing account with your recovery phrase or create a new account. 

Check "I wrote down my recovery phrase", choose a PIN, and accept the terms and conditions.
Click on OK.

Note: Make sure you store your recovery phrase in a safe place. With the recovery phrase you can access your account even if you lose access to your computer or forget your PIN. No one should see your recovery phrase. Store it somewhere safe, just as you would cash or jewelry.

Step 3

Your account will be activated in the background within 1 to 8 minutes. When this is complete, you will receive 0.0147 Signa. Meanwhile, we will start the mining process.


Step 4

Now go to the MINING tab to prepare your disks for mining (a process known as plotting). Select one folder per disk that you want to use.

Note: This folder will store the plot files.

Step 5

For each disk, use the corresponding slider to select the amount of space you want to use.

Note: You can start with a small fraction of your free disk space and plot more later if you want. 

Step 6

You can also select the number of CPU cores it should use and also if it should run with low priority. To start plotting, click the “Start Plotting” button.

Note: This plotting step involves heavy computations and can take many hours, depending on your hardware specifications.  Start by plotting only a few gigabytes as a test to become familiar with the process.  If you want to plot many terabytes of capacity, it is better to let the program run overnight.You can select the number of CPU cores to be used by the program and whether or not to run the program with low priority.  These settings are useful if you need to use your computer for other activities during the plotting process. In any case, you can stop the process any time with the “Stop Plotting” button and then resume later.

If you have an external SMR disk (they can be very slow when writing plot files) then you should use a cache disk, just click the “Select an SSD cache…” button and select a folder of a faster disk. There is no actual need for the disk to be an SSD, but the faster the cache disk is to write data, the better. SSDs are perfect for this task.

Step 7

Select one mining pool and click “Join Pool”.

Note:When you click on "Join Pool", the program will execute what is referred to as a "reward recipient assignment" transaction.  This transaction is subject to the minimum transaction fee.  New accounts created with BTDEX receive .0147 Signa automatically, part of which will be used to cover this fee.

Step 8

Click on “Start Mining”.



Your sustainable mining setup is finished.

Note: In the bottom window labeled "Plotting/Mining logs", you should see some messages indicating that you are already mining. If you close the BTDEX application window, it will keep running in the background. Check your system tray for more options and how to close the program.

Step 1/8

Boost your mining by committing Signa in your BTDEX Wallet

Step 1

Go to the MINING tab and click the "add commitment" button.


Step 2

Enter your commitment amount and PIN.  Click OK.



Your staking Signa is finished.

Note: Your commitment amount has been recorded and will become active after 1440 blocks (approximately 4 days).  However, it may show on your pool's website before it becomes effective.

Step 1/2

Calculate your mining rewards

Set your Plot Size


Set your commitment 

The commitment corresponds to 1000 Signa per TiB

Current Block Reward: 100 Signa 

Average Commitment per TiB : 2000 Signa

Signa per day


USD per day


This calculator serves only as a long term revenue estimate. These results are not guaranteed to be accurate as they depend on the average miner commitment, which varies over time, so your real revenues could fluctuate.

Why commit Signa?


If a miner has no Signa staked on his account for commitment, only 1/8 of his actual capacity will be effective  — reducing the chances of mining blocks and therefore reducing mining income.


If the miner has exactly the average commitment per TiB of capacity, the multiplying factor is 1 and their income will already be much higher than those without any stake.


If the miner stakes 100x more than the average commitment per TiB, then his effective capacity is multiplied by a factor of 8. This means his chance to mine blocks is 8 times higher and therefore his mining income is increased.

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