Signum Messages are made to inform and connect. 

This built-in feature allows messages to be added to nearly every transaction on the Signum blockchain.

What are Signum Messages?

Signum can send arbitrary data or text messages attached to every transaction with up to 1'000 characters. 

The message can be public or encrypted so that only sender and receiver can read it. As these messages are only limited by byte length, any string can be transmitted,using any data structure or encoding, and even double encryption. There are essentially nolimitations to their format

These arbitrary messages are only limited by byte length and not format. Any string can be transmitted using any data structure or form of data encoding, even double encryption.   There is no limitation other than the imagination of the users of the platform.

How Signum 

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A message can create infinite use cases

Arbitrary messages are only limited by length. Any string can be transmitted, using any data structure or form of data encryption. Encoding, decoding, linked messages, data structures and more can be implemented by any application that uses this system.

Connect your use cases

Signum Messages are a powerful feature to link off-chain flows to transactions on the blockchain.

Signum Message facts


Messages can be added to most transactions on the Signum blockchain. This is most helpful for payments where an external reference is needed.


The Signum blockchain even allows users to send a message without any Signa transfer attached.

No big extra fees

As an attachment, the message comes nearly for  free on the created transaction. 

Accessible worldwide

Signum Messages are accessible in any region thanks to the underlying blockchain technology.

Empowering People

Signum empowers users and developers worldwide with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life. Signum makes sending trustless, peer-to-peer transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely possible.