Why Signum?

Signum is the foundation for our sustainable future.

It's easily accessible for everyone. All you need is a wallet to start.

What is Signum?

Signum brings a powerful blockchain solution to the world in the most sustainable way. Like Bitcoin, Signum provides a digital currency called Signa (ticker: SIGNA) that is distributed, traded and stored using a decentralized ledger system. There are no intermediaries, payment gateways, or banks. 

But Signum is so much more than a digital currency. As a customizable platform, it has the power to feature unstoppable and censorship-resistant decentralized applications. Anyone can create digital assets (tokens) that can be used in ways only limited by our imagination. Exchanges, marketplaces, financial services, and games barely scratch the surface. And the best part of all: It is truly sustainable when compared to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

In addition to digital payments, Signum brings you decentralized finance, games, and applications in a way that’s secure and censorship-resistant.

How Signum 

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Signum truly sustainable

What makes Signum truly sustainable?

Bitcoin's infamous Proof of Work consensus protocol requires expensive, specialized, energy-hungry hardware. This results in the enormous amount of 121 TWh of energy consumption per year and more than 9 kilotons of e-waste. By using consumer-grade hardware that is easily re-purposed Signum also avoids e-waste and in comparison, requires less than 0.002% of that energy to drive the Blockchain.

On Signum, energy-intensive calculations are done only once when the miners plot their available disk space. Thereafter the mining process requires reading through a very small fraction of this disk space (1/4096, less than 0.025 % of the plotted capacity). The hard disks are idle most of the time as this small fraction only needs to be read every few minutes to secure the network.

Signum is truly sustainable.
It uses consumer-grade hardware that can easily be repurposed (no e-waste) and it uses hardly any energy to secure the network.

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Signum empowers users and developers worldwide with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life. Signum makes sending trustless, peer-to-peer transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely possible.