Signum Aliases are a powerful feature.

Signum is customizable, simple and user-friendly. It makes it easy to find people and data.

What are Signum Aliases?

Easy use and customization are at the core of Signum. Compared to Bitcoin for example, Signum addresses are generally shorter and easier to read. To make this process even simpler, the Signum team developed an alias system to give every Signum address or customized data set a human-friendly and unique phrase. Any alias registered to a given Signum address can be transferred or sold to any other Signum address. Different alias types identify accounts, links, or freestyle data sets.

A user can also change the type of their Aliases. All these actions are native functions on the Signum blockchain.

How Signum 

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Type of Aliases 

Aliases Account Type

Account Type 

Aliases can be used to point to any Signum address. A shortcut for any payments.

Aliases Link Type

Link Type  

Aliases can be used for external links like HTTP, HTTPS or IPFS. A shortcut to your external data from the Signum blockchain.

Aliases Freestyle Type

Freestyle Type 

Aliases can also be used to link to a customized data set of up to 1,000 characters in length.


Aliases can also be transferred or traded as a digital pointer - a new kind of tradable asset

Aliases that are registered to your Signum address can be transferred to another Signum address, or can be offered for sale. You can also change the type of your Alias. All these actions are built-in functions on the Signum blockchain.
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Empowering People

Signum empowers users and developers worldwide with innovative blockchain solutions for everyday life. Signum makes sending trustless, peer-to-peer transactions quickly, efficiently, and securely possible.